The Teton Watershed is ranked as one of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s highest conservation priorities. It supports extensive wetlands and riparian habitats that are considered strongholds for many at-risk fish and wildlife species.  The Teton Watershed is also a desirable place to live with recent land use changes and encroaching development having a significant impact on some of the most ecologically important habitats: riparian corridors.

Landowners living or owning land in a stream corridor are tasked with the additional responsibility of taking care of these ecologically important habitats for the benefit of people, fish, and wildlife.


This guide was developed for private landowners in response to increasing development pressure threatening riparian corridors in the Upper Teton River Watershed.


  • This guide starts with a case study on stream alteration and restoration;


  • Provides background information on the structure and function of stream corridors;


  • Explains flood maps and permitting requirements;


  • Includes action steps for private landowners; and


  • Lists local resources and incentives available.