Restoring our watershed

Every watershed restoration project we do, from planning to implementation, is based on the best science available and in partnership with local stakeholders, state and federal agencies, and our conservation non-profit peers.  All of our restoration projects are carefully planned to address watershed issues in a holistic way–to benefit fish, wildlife, and ecosystem function–for generations to come.

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Friends of the Teton River

Water Quality & Quantity

Water is one of Teton Valley’s most important resources. It supports our agricultural and recreation economies, as well as our abundant fish and wildlife species. FTR works to protect and improve our water quality and quantity, for the lives and livelihoods that depend on it.


Fish Passage & Migration

In Teton Valley, there’s a complex system of canals and irrigation structures humans depend on that can prevent fish from migrating to spawning locations. FTR works with irrigators to improve their infrastructure for better water delivery and fish passage.


Stream Habitat & Function

 Some streams in Teton Valley lack healthy stream characteristics, due in large part to human caused disturbances. FTR restores function and habitat in priority stream sections to improve ecologic health and reduce the risks posed by unstable streams.