Well Water Testing

FTR’s Cost-Share Well Water Testing Program

All Teton County residents living outside city limits and using water from a private well are responsible for the testing, operation, and maintenance of their well to ensure that well water is safe to drink.  Teton County, ID residents generally enjoy very high-quality drinking water due to Teton County, Idaho’s low density, rural population and its location high in the headwaters of the Teton River Watershed. However, it is important to note that some areas of Teton County, ID do have elevated nitrate levels caused by improperly maintained septic systems, personal or commercial fertilizer use, animal waste, or a combination of those factors.

2017 Nitrate Testing

2018 Private Well Nitrate Screening Results

H2Know 2019 Nitrate Results

2019 Private Well Nitrate Screening Results


2020 Private Well Nitrate Screening Results

H2Know 2021 Nitrate Results #2

2021 Private Well Nitrate Screening Results

To help individual well owners learn more about their well water quality, Friends of the Teton River is continuing our well water testing program for Teton Valley, ID residents this summer.  Private well owners in Teton Valley, ID have the opportunity to participate for convenient well water testing at an affordable price.  This program will offer a group order of well water test kits and group shipping to the laboratory in Pocatello, ID.  Total retail value of each kit is $105 with $5 shipping and handling. Participation in this program acknowledges that test results will be shared with Friends of the Teton River, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and Teton Conservation District.

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